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Our Services Include:

Public Auction/Private Purchases – Whether you are new to the industry or a current participant. We can assist you in the purchase or sale of horses at public auction or private sales. Some recent sales that Mare Solutions has negotiated are as follows: Back flip stakes placed super saver filly, Voodoo tales SW, Two Steps Song-UBS filly, The Magic Stone Malibu moon filly

Seasons, Shares and Mating Recommendations – Shawn has been a student of pedigrees for over 15 years, with a Taylor Made foundation of knowledge of the industry. Bloodlines are the key to understanding the market, and he has helped his clients stay ahead of the game by choosing the right stallions to breed to. We are able to work with shareholders and stallion farms to help bring you the best value for your dollar. We can help secure shipping, seasonal and year round boarding as well as breeding to the very best bloodlines that will fit your budget.

Stallion Prospects – Shawn has assisted in acquiring an impressive stallion roster for clients throughout the United States and internationally

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You Will Make Better Selections with a Professional!